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Where do I buy your Yatublu?

As Yatublu is a ‘start-up’ and we do not have (yet) a Yatublu Shop however, Yatublu is for sale in the Saltshop, Kaya Grandi 9, Bonaire. Beginning 2019 we will start selling in a few selected shops.

Can I buy Yatublu online and do you ship International?

Yes, you can buy Yatublu online starting in 2019 and we’ll ship your Yatublu anywhere that can accept deliveries.

Can I get more information?

Of course! We will be more than happy answering all your questions. You may also subscribe for our newsletter? As a customer or ‘almost customer’, we keep you update about Yatublu, recipes and much more interesting information regarding Yatublu.